Thursday, March 05, 2009

Can I make my Plone 3.x faster?

In my series of showing of fancy graphs, I have gotten repeated complaints about not caring about Plone 3.x enough. Now I did clarify that many of the improvements we make to Plone trunk are too risky or backwards incompatible to do in Plone 3.x. But some of the improvements have made it back into Plone 3.3.

Most importantly of all Malthe Borch is working like crazy to make Chameleon compatible with the next Plone major release numbered 3.3. He certainly deserves any kind of support you can give him. While Chameleon is not going to be part of the official 3.3 release, thanks to our move to zc.buildout you will be able to install it painlessly into your sites. As with the other experimental.* packages announced at various times, this is still not going to be for the casual user. But if you are an experienced Plone integrator those options are worth checking out today.

Plone trunk has seen another couple of improvements pushing it close to the 50 req/s limit, but taking Plone 3.2 as a baseline, the slogan today is: Plone is getting twice as fast with every release:


  1. Malthe has done amazing work at getting this to work with Plone 3.3, which is definitely going above and beyond, since he could just as easily have said "it'll work with Plone 4 onwards".

    It's great that some of these significant performance enhancements can be applied to the current 3.x line of releases.

  2. Great news indeed! This going to make a lot of current Plone users very happy while they wait for Plone 4. :-)

  3. Kudos to Malthe and Hanno for their great work on making Plone faster.

    Let's hope Plone 4 can keep the performance advantage as it meets the real world and real content. :)

  4. "Plone is getting twice as fast with every release"

    or it was four time slower before? :)

    btw, good work, I love it :)